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Silica gel full option watch

Silica gel full option watch

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  Size: 259X16.5X10MM
Display: LED seven-segment display
  Data transmission method: USB Port

Appearance size: 259*16.5*10mm
Material: Silicone
Battery capacity: 55mah
Body memory; comes with memory
How to wear: Wristband
Color: blue, black, red, purple, green

W5S smart bracelet product features:

1, W5S short press button can be cycled display [time - date / week / temperature - step number - calories - distance - electricity - time);

2. Display the number of steps and press the button to enter the previous day step mode. In this mode, press the button to see the number of steps within 30 days before the current date.

3, intelligent hand-on lighting [can choose to open / close] When the arm is raised to a certain angle, the bracelet will automatically light up, you can watch the time without pressing the button;

4, add water to the back cover, to a certain extent can prevent life splashing

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