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Professional Single Handheld Roll On Wax Kit

Professional Single Handheld Roll On Wax Kit

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Product information:

Material: ABS
Power mode: AC
Hair removal site: whole body
Working method: hotline

1: Insert the depilatory wax strip into the hair removal gun and heat it to melt the hair removal wax completely. (heating can flow, usually about 20 minutes)
2: First cut the guest hair to the remaining 1CM
3: The hair removal gun is first smoothed on the hair removal cloth.
4: Because the growth direction of the bristles is very chaotic, it must be coated with the hair growth direction, width 1CM. Stick the hair removal cloth, so that it will be peeled open in the direction of rapid hair growth after 1 minute.
5: In principle, it is a small area (so it is not painful), many times, plus a long time
6: Do not pull off the hair strips when the hair removal gun is heated or after.

Package list:

  • 1 X Hot Wax Heater

  • 1X Wax block


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