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Math Roller Stamp

Math Roller Stamp

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1.4 Model:  Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, free choice, interesting pictures, numbers 1-100.
2. Simple Operation:  Math questions appear in front of you by rolling stamps, you can adjust them, you can change the questions with a single twist, and choose the questions randomly.
3. Adjustable:  The stamp is clear, no ink is left, it can be adjusted, and the questions are randomly selected.
4. Recycling:  Add ink to the oil hole, add ink, it can be recycled.
5. Learning Fun:  Teaching stamps that are as interesting as toys make learning fun and exciting, and increase children's interest in learning.

Addition and subtraction 2 styles, free to choose.
Roller design, combined adjustment.
Add stamp ink, reusable.
Give practice questions efficiently and quickly, without smudging or fading.
Rotate to adjust 10 different counting methods.
Small and exquisite, easy to carry.

Product Details:

material: plastic
Style: Addition/Subtraction

Pink - Subtraction

Product Size:


Packing list:
1 Addition and Subtraction Stamp Arithmetic Artifact (Includes Stamp Ink)

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